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03 April 2006 @ 04:13 am
I learned a valuable lesson today  
Having your ISO set incredibly high EVEN THOUGH IT IS DARK OUT is not a good idea. I was thinking, low light conditions - huh, high ISO. I set the ruddy thing to 1600, thinking this would help with my shots at Bridgeport. God was I wrong.

Sure, high ISO lets in a lot of light - but it also increases your grain. This is not good. My shots turned out like ass. I should have instead set the ISO to 400, and the apeture below 4.

I also should have taken my tripod. I discovered today that long lense means more shake. Bad news bears for me. I was trying to take 300mm shots. Oops.

I know these are very newbie-ish mistakes, and I can live with that. The new lens is throwing me. :\

I love learning days though - gives me an excuse to go back to the place I screwed up at and re-shoot.
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